I recently attended a farm symposium at which the keynote speaker was Ben Hartman. Hartman is a farmer and author who has made a name for himself by adopting the Japanese practice of “Kaizen”, ( Continuous improvement ). In Japan, Kaizen is best known as the practice promoted by Toyota as a means of improving … More Kaizen

Horizontal Rocket Stove

Even tinkerers have heroes. One of mine is Pekka Leskela. The soft-spoken Swedish stove designer and builder embodies much of what I aspire to be. innovating, inventing, experimenting…. you know, tinkering. All in the service of inspiring others to do their own designs. The concept for this project comes from one of Pekka’s designs that … More Horizontal Rocket Stove

Tinkerer’s Delight

Spent most of today driving around getting materials. Thus the only tinkering I got to do was putting up a new Ceiling light in the guest cottage. Nice fixture, though I’m willing to bet the designer wasn’t 64 years old with stiff and shaky fingers. ­čÖä

E-Z Turn composter

One of the things I have been involved with this year is teaching classes in how to make “hot” compost. A hot compost pile is one which is constructed to create the ideal environment for thermophilic bcteria which can break down organic material is as little as one month. The downside to hot composting is … More E-Z Turn composter