Modular Shelving using Pallets

Okay, I needed some quick shelves to store some emergency supplies. As usual, a couple of free pallets from my local lumber yard, a handful of deck Screws, and my trusty DeWalt saw and driver and presto! Instant shelves! Continue reading “Modular Shelving using Pallets”

Quick Sawhorse/ Bench

Need a sawhorse in a hurry? Why not use a pallet?

Today’s project was born out of frustration. The last several projects I have done have required me to bend over, squat down and kneel on the ground, all because my work surfaces were cluttered and my saw horses were all in use.

Clearly I needed some sort of quickie work surface that I could drag around outside, that I didn’t care if it got nicked or trashed. But it had to be easy to build…. and inexpensive…. and not require yet another trip to the hardware store.

Looking around the shop I saw a pallet, some old 2x4s and some lag screws. Perfect. Cut the pallet in half, cut the 2x4s at 10 degrees, drill some pilot holes and lag 8 screws into it and presto! Instant saw table.

Sometimes the best designs are the ones you don.t agonize over.

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