Tool Time

Oh Brave New World…..

I remember when I used a calculator for the first time. I had been out of school for some time. When I graduated high school computers were just appearing on the scene. Our school actually had a link up with Dartmouth College’s mainframe that occupied a whole building! Thus when I entered community college and re-took trigonometry I expected to be handed a slide rule. Instead I was given a Texas Instruments programmable calculator that fit in my hand and that spat out trig functions tomeight decimal places!

I had something of the same joy today when I stood in Tractor supply and gazed at a digital caliper (metric and SAE) for 14.00$!

I have several projects for which a caliper would come in handy but I had dreaded having to buy an instrument that my 64 year-old eyes would have difficulty reading. Now here was the very tool I needed with a digital readout that wouldn’t trigger a migraine!

The lesson here is simple. If you live long enough, chances are good someone will invent a gizmo that actually makes your life easier! 😋