E-Z Turn composter

One of the things I have been involved with this year is teaching classes in how to make “hot” compost. A hot compost pile is one which is constructed to create the ideal environment for thermophilic bcteria which can break down organic material is as little as one month.

The downside to hot composting is that in order for the thermophilic bacteria to thrive, they need an oxygen rich environment. Normally this means you must turn your pile… a lot.

Wet steamy compost is very heavy. Thus, after several bouts of sore muscles, and even tendonitis, I began to think of ways in which oxygen could be introduced with as little physical labor as possible.

This is my first attempt at a solution: A drum composter that sits on the ground and is simply rolled along. Tumbling the drum, turns the pile and aerates the compost. Voilá! Better faster compost with less work.



Composter Plans

Finished design.

Easily filled

Easily rolledcover to keep in heatStarting temp.

24 hours later. Temp starts to rise…

update: 48 hours in, temp. At 130 degrees. (No camera, you’ll have to take my word for it. 😎

Dreamer’s Dilemma

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a great idea? A stunning invention. A better mousetrap. Or maybe just an insight that you hadn’t realized during the day that you wish you could share with the world?

This is my site for these midnight musings. A place to not only document all my “brain on fire” ideas but, also to share my attempts to bring these ideas to reality. Some of these experiments may soar on gossamer wings. Some may fly like lead ingots. But hopefully, the journey will be humorous, informative, and entertaining.